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Welcome to Coastal Clean Air

At Coastal Clean Air, it is our goal to keep your HVAC systems clean and in proper working condition in order to allow you, our valued customers, the ability to live healthier and more comfortable lives. At Coastal Clean Air, we have years of experience cleaning residential HVAC systems. As a result of our top quality work and superior customer service, we are recommended by many of the Lowcountry's most reputable HVAC companies.

Why Clean Your Air Ducts?

  • The air you breathe circulates through the dirt, debris and contaminates in the air ducts.

  • A five year study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) concluded that indoor air pollutant levels exceed outdoor levels by 200 to 500 percent.

  • EPA and Louisiana State University (LSU) research showed that removal of air duct debris can improve flow of HVAC systems by as much as 20 percent.